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About Brett

Brett grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Washington State in 1996. He became a Snohomish County resident in 2005, Brett lives in Lake Stevens with his wife, Jeanine, and their three Labrador Retrievers. Brett and Jeanine enjoy the beautiful outdoors, hiking, showing visitors our wonderful state, and spending time with their adult children and grandchildren.


Law Enforcement Experience

Brett began his professional career as a correctional officer in Wisconsin. He soon transitioned his career into law enforcement.

In 1996 Brett moved to Washington to continue his law enforcement career with the City of Seattle Police Department (SPD). During his 18-year career with SPD, Brett was involved in many of Seattle’s memorable events including the end of the “Hollywood” bank robbery spree, the 1998 Aurora bus crash, the World Trade Organization (WTO) riots, the Kingdome implosion, the Nisqually earthquake, and many others.

Brett progressed through SPD’s ranks from officer to lieutenant, spending most of his career in patrol.


Brett's career included: a Detective Sergeant in the Domestic Violence and Elder Crimes Unit; Serving in SPD’s Office of Professional (now Police) Accountability; and assisting oversight of the SPD’s Audit, Policy and Research Section during a crucial period following a settlement agreement with the US Department of Justice.

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Legal Experience

While working full-time for SPD, Brett completed law school and became a member of the Washington Bar in 2008.


Brett maintained a small solo law practice serving mostly pro-bono and “low-bono” clients while continuing his law enforcement career.

“I enjoyed helping people who couldn’t afford to hire a lawyer in the traditional sense. Sometimes people just needed to know what their legal rights and options were or needed an additional set of eyes on a situation.”

Brett’s depth of experience in, and knowledge of police tactics, criminal investigations, law enforcement policy and accountability uniquely qualify him to serve as the Snohomish County Prosecutor.

Brett's Vision

As Snohomish County Prosecutor, Brett will primarily focus on public safety, law and order. He wants his family –and everyone’s— to live in safe and stable communities.