Prosecuting criminals, rather than continuing “soft-on-crime” practices, will lead to a safer environment for residents, families, businesses and schools.

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Transparency to
the Community

The people of Snohomish County should have confidence that the Prosecutors office is being accountable to the public. Catch and release policies are not making us safer. Too many are reoffending, and this is a problem for our community.

As your next Prosecutor, Brett will instill a policy of transparency to the people so the office can be held accountable for the job they are doing. Brett will make certain all prosecutors have the training and tools they need to prosecute criminals and will follow up to ensure the job is getting done appropriately.

Discussion With Two People
Woman Stalked in Garage

Public Safety
Law and Order

Public Safety is the number one concern for many of us in Snohomish County. The rise in crime due to soft-on-crime policies, increase in the addiction crisis and legislation impeding police to use the tools needed to apprehend suspects, along with the disastrous defund the police actions taken in our county and state are affecting every resident.

As your next Snohomish County Prosecutor, Brett will set policies and provide guidance prioritizing Public Safety by taking a tougher stance on prosecuting violent criminals, repeat offenders and menaces to our community. Brett will support funding and training our law enforcement to do their job effectively to make our communities safer for all residents.

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Accountability to All Concerned

The residents in our community are being victimized and

re-victimized due to poor policies and non-enforcement of our current laws. 

The Snohomish County Prosecutors Office has a duty to protect the people of our county. Too often the criminal is perceived as the victim and the real victims are not getting justice for the crimes committed against them by offenders. 

The rise in crime in Snohomish County is directly related to soft-on-crime policies. Brett will work to incarcerate criminals who harm our community, look to get help for those who are first offenders addicted to drugs, and uphold our laws in place to ensure Snohomish County is a safe and welcoming community to all who live, work and play in our amazing county.