Brett Rogers Has a Plan

To make Snohomish County Safer if Elected as Prosecutor.

In a recent interview with Steve Abramowicz, owner of the Mill Creek View and the Snohomish View, Brett Rogers shared his reason for running was to "restore law and order, transparency, and accountability" to the Snohomish County Prosecutor's Office.

"According to an Everett Herald article, a felony backlog exists in Snohomish County that's waiting to be properly addressed, largely due to the halts on general administration and operations from pandemic related stalls.

Rogers expressed the severity of this sort of lack of transparency and what it could be covering up. Robers insinuated that the reality of increases in crime would be worse than the general public believes, and we'd have no way of knowing."

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Snohomish County residents and visitors deserve a safer future; together, and with my help, we can achieve exactly that. Thank you for your vote.

Brett Rogers

for Snohomish County Prosecutor (R)

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