Current Snohomish County Prosecutor Appears to Favor Leniency

In recent months, several men convicted in early adulthood for Snohomish County murders have had their life sentences reduced. Among them is a 2001 killer, Heather Opel (now 34 then 13), that was one of several young people who killed Jerry Heimann, 64, of Everett. A 22-year sentence was reduced, and Heather will be released from prison two years early at the recommendation of Snohomish County Prosecutor Adam Cornell - but against the wishes of Heimann’s family. Click >> HERE << to read the entire article.

This is beyond infuriating. Oftentimes, the deck is already stacked in favor of criminal defendants; do we really need a prosecutor who appears to have a history of always favoring leniency? Has the prosecutor forgotten which side he is on?

There are a number of reasons crime is as bad as it is, but right at the top of the list are the current policies of the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

As your Prosecutor, I will always prioritize victims and the greater community over criminals.

Brett Rogers

for Snohomish County Prosecutor (R)

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