While Lawmakers Made Helpful Changes More is Needed to Provide Good Public Safety

"Unfortunately, our city [Marysville] has been recently experiencing a concerning increase in crime rates. It is clear that our state’s approach toward crime, and the measures we are willing to take to mitigate it, have become too reserved." Click >> HERE << to read the entire Heralnet.com article.

I agree with much of what was written in this opinion piece. The authors, Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring and Police Chief Erik Scairpon, pulled a punch by limiting their criticism of the current approach towards crime to the State. The current crime levels are also a direct result of the policies of the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney.

In spite of having declared for office in December 2021, my opponent has not said what he would do differently, which leaves the impression it will be more of the same, if he is elected.

As your prosecutor I will prioritize the most serious crimes and the most prolific offenders. I will argue for higher bail, or no bail, while suspects await trial. I will end the current “catch and release” policies of the prosecutor’s office and fast-track eligible cases rather than letting them languish until the statute of limitations approaches.

I will ask for maximum sentences upon conviction, because, let’s face it, criminals no longer fear the justice system. This and a commitment to support our law enforcement and corrections officers will hopefully lead to retaining and attracting police officers.

Mayor Nehring has endorsed my opponent. I hope he realizes he has endorsed the approach to crime and disorder he claims to be concerned about in this article. Snohomish County residents and visitors deserve a safer future; together, and with my help, we can achieve exactly that.

Thank you for your vote.

Brett Rogers


for Snohomish County Prosecutor (R)

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